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Terry's 68' El Camino Custom

Terry's Chevelle Malibu El Camino

Rear angled view   Engine Bay  Front View  Interior view  Engine Bay  Front angled view  Front corner view  Primer nicks and scratches   More Primer  More nicks and scratches  Minor dents and blemishes  Quite a mess back here!  A few holes and alot of rust  Nice big hole and body rot...UGH  GAG ME ! Stock 2 into 1 crap  2 1/4 inch pipe with 12 inch Steel Pax  The arteeeeest at work  The rest of the window chrome and front bumper removed 

This site is dedicated to my 1968 Chevelle Malibu El Camino. I purchased this beauty from the original owners grandson (Jeff) on May 06,2000. He only put 4,100 miles on it since he became the owner. I know that from the reciepts that I have showing the odometer being 101,600 miles when the new Uniroyal Tiger Paws were bought in 1992. There is now 105,700 original miles on Grandma's Elky. Since it has the Remco diveshaft, no telling how many miles are on it. Obviously she needs some work so keep checking back for any upgrades and restoration that will be performed over the next few months. Grandpa and Grandma Olsen maintained this truck just as you would expect your Mom and Dad to, performing all the normal fluid changes, tuneups, and OEM part replacements. Trick shift kit, driveline modifications and gear set up makes this Elky a great towing vehicle even though I am going to totally customize the drivetrain for optimal fuel mileage soon. I will continue to drive my baby daily....hehehe... I already found a complete disc brake setup from a local Elky freak parting out a 71' Elky for $325 complete! The first thing I did was drive to my friends house in Watsonville to pick up the 14" rally wheels he had because the stock wheels just had to go. John is a Nova Inliner freak, I'll get a pic from him of his ride. 63'Convertible. Thanks John..!
OK here's the breakdown on my new found love. Man does she run great! She's got a 69' 255/350 truck motor (using the original 68'carb and intake), 3 speed Automatic, 3.36 10 bolt rear, with factory AC, power steering and brakes. Built in the Fremont California GM plant early November 67. The original block was hauled away. It was sitting on the side of the house and when Grandpa passed away she had a local machine shop pick it up. Grandma picked out the gold paint in 1986 (I have all receipts, owners manual and warranty book). Leaks oil from the main engine seal so did a crank kit to help slow that up, and the rear tranny seal seeps too, other than that very nice condition. No blowby, good compression and she hauls ass! The original Chevelle was Seafrost green metallic with black vinyl top. Can't wait until the Silver and Black paint goes on! Just the usual rust areas front and back window sills and some small holes behind the front wheels. Over all a very good package to start with. I just keep it in tune, lubed and replace fluids hoses and belts. Retrofitted the A/C. I had to repair the compressor(couple of O-rings and the rear seal)Blows Cold! Replaced the orginal rear air shocks with new Air Ride Monroes. Jeff said Grandpa used to push a hot rod around the tracks and tow the El Camino many miles. The Remco quick disconnect driveshaft is still installed.
These photos were taken of the Chevelle in "AS IS" condition. Just cleaned her up a bit. Shot the first pics in the first week. I'll take more as we go. Just click on the small pictures to get the full size view.(recommend right click, open link in new window)
I started on the body work 03-02-02. Not much but a few dings and scratches. Front quarters and the windows are the only rust spots and a couple of bubbles on the rear quarter. Only a few shallow bondo repairs that I found are on the front right fender above the headlight, the rear left tail light area and below the tailgate. Notice the old bumper was cracked. Found a 69' El Camino bumper with one only one dent for $30.00. I'm not building a show car. Very small repairs at that so I feel pretty lucky. Grandpa installed an extra fuel tank and hacked up the bed a bit for the fuel door, so a few large holes to patch up and bondo will smooth the rest of the truck up just fine. Thats good cause I don't particularly care for bondo buckets. The Elky has a new stance since my racing friend Randal installed the new front end along with the disc brake setup. Pretty mean exhaust note since the exhaust was done. Watching Larry's Discount Muffler guys weld up that 2 1/4 " pipe into those 12" steel packs was like watching an artist at work. LOUD! Just the way I expected...LOL...Why not though...Harleys are still louder! More later as I continue on the path to my custom street cruiser.

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