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Truck and Boatski

This site is dedicated to my 1976 Sleekcraft Executive 23'.
I bought her from the original owner in May 2001. He sure took great care of her.
Powered by the Ford 460 with Jacuzzi YJ Jet Drive. Engine is great....
She is not too fast (50mph GPS) but I have many friends with Hot Boats so Travis can get his fix.
The only work I have done is a tune up, battery cables, new starter, fluid change (synthetic), freeze plugs , reshimmed the impellar and lots of elbow grease to keep her gleaming!

LaidBack at Berryessa
Laid back on Berryessa Lake.
Big Block Ford
325 HP Hardin Marine Ford
Docked at Lost Isle on the Delta
Docked at Lost Isle on the Delta
Shasta Lake
Shasta Lake with the LBBA.
Folsom Lake
My "Home" Folsom Lake
New Hogan Reservoir...yes dear, yes dear
New Hogan Reservoir talking to Lisa on my cel.
Banderlog products...get some !
If you don't have any.... get some !
Where's the foot pedal?
Jim Lee (Mr. Banderlog) asks.."this thing have a foot pedal?"
Salmon Falls Bridge
Kickin it on the South Fork, American River
My First mate and son Travis
Travis minding the store while I park the truck.

A few friends on the Delta @ Tower Park
A few members of the LBBA/Banderlog gang on the Delta. Tower Park III
3 generations in Boatski....Dad, Me and Travis
Three generations aboard at Shasta. Dad, Travis and myself.
Beaching it on the Delta
October on the Delta with LBBA friends.
Parking lot at the drive up
Can a guy get a burger
and fries at this drive up?
Waterski, Jetski, and now...Boatski
Waterski....Jetski....and now Boatski !    P.S. don't try this at home kids!
On the delta with the boy
Sleekcraft appears to be the right logo for this vessel! The Delta again.
Friends and Family of the LBBA/Banderlog Gang
Friends and Family of the LBBA/Banderlog Gang Tower Park 2003

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